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Success Stories

Ligiya K

“I have been a member at CaliRoots Fitfusion since the very beginning; this place is my second home! I enjoy all the workouts, the uplifting atmosphere, and the trainers. Lenny and Mariah are amazing at what they do, and are very educated in proper technique and form. Their teaching method is easy and customized for different levels and abilities. I have gained a lot of fitness knowledge and am very confident in many technical workouts, thanks to the incredible trainers here. They run challenges for whoever wants the extra push, and will guide you through the challenges. I have participated in their BTW challenge this year and went down 5% body fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle in a short 3 month period. All you have to do is show up and work hard, results will follow!”

Amanda M

“I started coming to calirootfitfusion for sports massage therapy after suffering from a back injury. I was struggling with most daily activities and even with physical therapy and chiropractic treatments I was not healing quickly. Mariah provides comprehensive massage therapy that targeted my pain but also incorporated other methods and exercises to help me get back to my fitness goals. Well educated in mobility, professional and compassionate. It became a healing experience for me and within a few visits I was finally back to many of my normal activities and having a huge reduction in pain. My overall experience with calirootsfitfusion has been consistently phenomenal and I find myself recommending them to friends and family. Both Mariah and Lenny are highly spirited and engaging but also experts, I trust their advice and guidance because of their solid knowledge base and skill. I started bringing my 11 year old son to youth fitness classes. Holden has struggled this school year with fitness in PE. He really wanted to get a better mile time. I started bringing him once to twice a week and after 6 weeks his mile time went from 12 mins to 8 mins. He was beaming. No longer the slowest kid in the class. I think the highlight was when he completed the spartan seminar with a team of adult members. It was amazing to see how proud my kid was of himself. Holden can be a bit shy and the coaches were encouraging and fun, they helped put him at ease.  I have yet to come across a youth fitness program that even compares. “

Cayla B

“Before the 2018 Body Transformation Challenge at CaliRoots Fitfusion (CRFF), my fitness level was very low and my eating was worse. I hardly ever did cardio I always tried to find a way to avoid it. Then I decided to join CRFF because I wanted a trainer that was going to be there for me and not just the money. I had been working with Lenny for a couple of years prior, and he was there to help me and give me that push that I needed that I did not have for myself. I decided to do the Body Transformation Challenge to help me with my weight loss journey and to become more confident with doing cardio and just working out in general. Some of the changes I made was intermittent fasting, eating healthier foods, and started training with Lenny on top of working out in the classes. These changes have helped me in a good way by showing me that there are foods out there that I had never tried that I liked and that there was a way of “dieting” without having to diet. A big challenge for me to overcome was fear of my heart condition getting out of hand and then I would not be able to do anything. I am happy with my performance levels getting way better and I am feeling better about myself. I would definitely love to do another Body Transformation Challenge when there is another one. My next step is to keep working on my cardio and not being so scared.” 

Julie P.

“I have been training with Mariah at CaliRoots FitFusion for over a year now. She is an amazing coach. She has the ability to take a movement and break it down, so individuals can work on the progressions at their level. No matter what the workout is, she knows how to challenge you with the movements or give alternatives so that even in a group setting, you feel you are getting personalized coaching.” 

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