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CaliRoots Fit is a gym founded on the principles of offering a variety of classes with a diversity of different workout modalities utilizing functional movement and strength training, to help you live a longer, healthier, more injury-resistant, and pain-free lifestyle, while providing you with a supportive community of goal-oriented individuals, both in and outside of the gym.

Through our diverse staff of trainers in different areas of specialty, we have found a balance of functional movement, strength training, flexibility and mobility improvement in a fun, yet structured environment. We understand that people wake up every day with pre-existing conditions that cause aches and pains, then stack the daily stresses of everyday life on top of them almost immediately, and walk out into a world dominated by a need to fit a social standard of certain image requirements to be in it, whether brought on internally (by the self), or externally (by others). We understand that MOST people want to feel better and healthier, while also being more comfortable in their own skin (especially when naked). We have found a methodology that works to overcome these daily challenges through movement to improve self-esteem and self confidence in a welcoming and fun environment.

From the beginning, we wanted to be a different breed of training gym: a gym where EVERYONE feels included, positive, and never defined or confined by their performance or appearance. We check our egos and daily baggage at the door, come in to achieve a common goal – to feel better – at whatever level that may be for YOU , and leave with a sense of accomplishment and a “high-five!”

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Program Design: Workout cycles daily between “Focus Days” of Endurance, Strength, Power, and Skill, with the addition of Team/Spartan Fridays. Every Day the workout is independently different from the previous day but weekly programming can be viewed as a “five-course meal,” hitting all the different areas of the body and one’s overall fitness. Two Programs run simultaneously at each class (most days): the beginner’s, lower skill “Bootcamp,” and intermediate-to-advanced, higher skill “Custom Fitness Training.” *Reference Wodify for Specialty Class Schedule, Seminars and Weekly Announcements*”

  • Strength

    Focus on moving heavy/heavier weight slowly through designated range of motion, with an emphasis on hypertrophy and time under tension resistance movements

  • Endurance

    Focus on training the cardiovascular system with sustained, elevated heart rate; utilization of low skill, light weight and bodyweight movements for majority of class duration

  • Power

    Focus on moving moderate weight or bodyweight quickly through large ranges of motion; may include HIIT, some strength or skill movements but under lighter loading

  • Skill

    Focus on moving moderate weight or bodyweight quickly through large ranges of motion; may include HIIT, some strength or skill movements but under lighter loading

  • Personal Training

    Get YOUR desired results FASTER: weight loss, strength gain, individual wellness, injury recovery or prevention, Power or Olympic Weightlifting.


  • Rule #1 – If you’re sick, feeling sick or living with someone who is sick, please do not attend the gym!
  • Weekly 3rd party cleaning service of all gym surfaces and equipment
  • Class attendance limits of 8 people or less
  • Online class reservation system to enforce class capacity limits
  • Enforcement of social distancing
  • No lobby area waiting
  • One way entry and exiting
  • Hand washing and sanitizing stations throughout the gym
  • Enforcement of hand washing prior to and following the workout
  • Mask enforcement in gym except workout area and bathroom
  • Cleaning of ALL equipment following its usage in classes
  • Strict cleaning schedule throughout the week performed by the staff
  • Personal/Sanitized equipment usage
  • Proper air flow
  • Staff discretion to refuse entry to those suspected of being sick

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