About Us

What We’re All About

CaliRoots FitFusion opened in August of 2017 and was founded by coaches Lenny Marandino (CPT, CF-L1) and Mariah Heller (CPT, CF-L1, CMT).

From the beginning, we wanted to be a different breed of training gym: a gym where EVERYONE feels included, positive, and never defined or confined by their performance or appearance. We have a community of awesome, supportive people, and our workouts are diverse and FUN.

“Good vibes with your workout Tribe!”

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Meet Your Head Coach/Owner

Lenny Marandino: CPT, CF-L1, Brown University 2011 – B.A. Economics, Division I Wrestler, Prior U.S. Navy Flight Engineer

1050 Riverside Parkway Suite 105 West Sacramento 95605 530-262-8300 FitnessForAll@CaliRootsFitFusion.com Monday - Thursday: 6AM, 12PM, 5:30PM. 6:30PM Friday: 6AM, 12PM, 6PM Saturday: 9AM